Sunday, May 29, 2011

Detox Update - Completion of Week 2

I'm a couple days tardy on this post - only because I have lost total interest in doing this detox even tho we are still doing it. What threw me off track was our diet. On days 1-5 were just prepping our system - we could eat grass fed meats and fish. Days 8-14, were the actual detox days and we were to eliminate ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS from our diet - which is why I did the previous post on brown rice and quinoa. Usually, I can eat mostly vegetarian, but I wasn't ready to become an instant vegetarian for 7 days. Normall, I like to plan things out, but for this detox, I had no desire to. I just made a large quantity of dishes made with quinoa and brown rice that included beans that we ate for several days, I just couldn't get into it.

What I did find in the little researching I did last week was a wonderful recipe call Uncheese Sauce. It is made with tumeric, nutritional yeast and cashew butter (I sub'd in almond butter) along with other great spices and both Jim and I love it - this is tasty enough to eat alone on brown rice. I've made this sauce about 4 times since finding it last week. Last night (which was day 15 of this detox) I made meatballs and a fresh batch of this sauce and it was wonderful. If you try this recipe, I would suggest adding some kind of thickener before adding any liquids, the nutritional yeast is not enough. Almond milk is in the recipe, but you could sub any milk of choice - I've used rice milk and last night, used chicken stock and it tasted just as good.

See, Jim is a saucey kind of guy, literally, he has to have sauce on his food. If there is no sauce, then he grabs the mayo. I wanted to be armed and ready since we can't do condiments. During this detox, I've also made chimichurri sauce and pesto. I wanted to be ready to offer him these so he wouldn't go for the mayo.

Well, the end is near. June 2nd is when our detox is over. The really, really good thing that's come out of this whole experience is that, Jim actually liked some of the vegetarian meals I made and he actually said he wouldn't mind eating vegetarian about 3 times a week. I have always wanted to have at least 1 vegetarian meal a week and was iffy because I didn't know how Jim was going to accept it, but with this detox, he wants to actually do even more than I wanted to - AND HE IS NOT EATING ANY GLUTEN - yay!!

My advice to anyone who wants to try this, is to be well informed BEFORE you start and know what you need to do for EACH step. Also, planning is key, especially if you're taking supplements and having to do an elimination diet like we did. We were not well informed and received confusing information, which is still an issue.

This will be the end of any detox talk on this blog. Can I now get back to crafting and cooking?

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