Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preserving Your Acrylic Ruler

Many crafters have their favorite tools that they use all the time. One of mine is an acrylic ruler, I like this one by Omnigrid - it has measurements down to 1/8", which I use in both sewing and paper crafting. It is because of this 3" wide ruler that I have been able to finally get a grasp on working with fractions (my algebra teacher would be so proud - lol!).

Because I've had this ruler for years and used it all the time, the numbers and lines on the backside (the side that is always on top of the fabric) have worn off (it's only painted on) and the first several 1/8" measurements are gone, which makes it difficult to use.

A while ago, I did buy a new, identical ruler (because I liked this one so much) and I have decided that I want to preserve this ruler so it will last a while, my first ruler has lasted more than 4 years or so. As I was planning to preserve the new ruler, my first ruler broke around the 13" mark, so I cut it off and sanded the edge smooth. 

I took the new ruler and placed the worn ruler face down on top of it - basically, they are face to face. With the new ruler on the bottom, I can see the 1/8" measurement lines and using a sharpie, trace those missing lines.

See the newly drawn lines? (I didn't say they were straight)

Now, to preserve those newly drawn lines and to preserve your new ruler - take some clear packing tape and using the 1 1/2" horizontal measurement line as your guide (half of the ruler), place the edge of your tape on that 1 1/2" line and do the same for the other side - doing it in the center will avoid having a tape line where you don't want it, and will be unnoticeable. There will be an overhang on each side which you can cut off with a craft knife or scissors. You can do this with any size ruler - for the real narrow ones, just use a single piece of tape and place ruler in the center of tape .

Here, the packing tape was placed off center, I figured out how to center the tape after I stuck it on the ruler so if you look close, you can see the tape at the 1-1/4" line from the left side.

My worn out ruler is now back in business and my new ruler is ready for a lot of cutting and measuring. My new ruler should last me a long time - plus, with the tape on the backside, if it should ever crack, it won't separate because of already being taped. How cool is that?

So if the lines on your ruler get worn out, use my simple tips to get it back in action again and if when you should buy a new one, be sure to tape up the back so you can preserve it for many uses.

Happy Cutting!!!

Comments or questions are always welcomed. I would love to hear what you think of this tip or any of my other posts. Thanks!

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