Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Makin' N Bakin'

Today I spent the entire day in the kitchen making and baking stuff. Here is what I made:

Pumpkin Bread for my breakfast. I've been enjoying this recipe for a while now and one thick slice with my tea is my breakfast. I even made strawberry butter that I schmear on it - yummy!

Chocolate sauce for Jim's ice cream dessert. This is a new recipe I'm trying. I've tried others in the past and they all got the boot. I'm hoping this one will work, because I'm not very fond of the store bought ones.

Rice Crispies Chunks - I made these out of necessity. In the past, Jim liked Barbara's Brown Rice Cereal. I recently bought 2 boxes because they were on sale and he didn't like it - says it's too dry. I even frosted them, but he didn't like it. So, not one to waste, I made rice crispies chunks. These are for Jim to take to work.

Individual plum tart - these plums look like cherry tomatoes, but they are tiny plums with a small pit in the middle. I got them from a friend and I decided to make a tart. I halved this crust recipe as I only need crust for 2 individual tart pans, and I made this pastry cream. Don't the plums in the tart look like egg yolks?  **Update** We shared one tart, I made coconut whipped cream for a topping and this was delicious!

Almond Macaroons - I LOVE these, they are the perfect 2 bite snack for me in the evenings when I want something sweet. I make the almond macaroon recipe from this book, and it has only 6 ingredients - so easy. I have taken these little tasty gems and made them even tastier - I have coated them in dark chocolate, and most recently, I made a fruit cream cheese filling. I just took a little Toffuti  and mixed it with a small amount of honey and vanilla extract, then I added some small bits of cut fruit. I even made one flavor by mixing a small amount of grape jelly with the Toffuti.

My husband's (Jim's) deodorant - the only nonfood item from the bunch. He said the bigger container is to cumbersome for him, so melted a little bit of it down and put it in a smaller container.

So this is what I did today - when Jim came home and saw the bounty on the table, he said, "Boy, you've been busy." I started just after 12pm and finished around 4pm. I sure am tired from being on my feet, but it was nice to get stuff done. Now maybe tomorrow, I can get back to sewing.

What kinds of things have you been makin' and bakin'?

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