Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Hot Sauce

Yesterday I made my own sriracha sauce based on this recipe. It's not exact, I couldn't find red jalapenos (which would make the sauce red), so I used the green ones. I only did 1 pound, felt 1 1/2 was too much - 1 pound is still too much. I did use only four garlic cloves. The flavor is not like real sriracha, so I just call it hot sauce. It didn't puree smooth, it's thick, has texture to it and it has a real kick to it. I followed this recipe using Thai fish sauce.

It was a nice sunny day yesterday, so I took advantage of that and cut my jalapenos outside on my deck. That is one trick to working with jalapenos - lot's of ventilation, the other trick is to use gloves.

Ingredients chopped and ready to be blended.

For the cooking process, I turned on my stove fan and got my diffuser going with essential oils to mask any smells. Again with the weather being nice, I opened my sliding glass door, and started to cook the concoction for 35 minutes until it got nice and thick. 

I tried it and had Jim try it and it was really spicy, too spicy for us. What I ended up doing was I mixed about one teaspoon of the sauce with about a cup of mayo and made spicy mayo. Jim loves sriracha mayo with hard boiled eggs for a post dinner snack. He tried it and loves it - the mayo cuts a lot of the bite.  

If you like HOT sauce, you'll love this. One pound makes a lot - have to figure out if I can freeze it, because there's no preservatives in this (which I love) it won't last as long as regular sriracha - our last bottle lasted us months. I bet this can be canned too. I have to figured out the logistics of that. If I figure it out, I will let you know.

So, that was my venture into making hot sauce. I will definitely do this again and will try with only half a pound of jalapenos next time, and I will try to find red ones aka Fresno chili peppers. It was so easy - the entire process took just over an hour.

Do you like hot sauce? Do you like it real hot or mild?

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