Monday, October 3, 2011

Orlando’s Gorgonzola Schmear

Jim’s dad's name was Orlando and he used to make this concoction that they would schmear all over steaks. He made it using roquefort cheese, but we use gorgonzola – roquefort is too costly, plus you can get gorgonzola in convenient tubs. There are really no measurements to this recipe - you make it according to taste. This has that strong blue cheese bite and is really good on any kind of meat, especially steaks - tonight we had it on hamburgers. Jim really loves this and he can eat it straight up like peanut butter on a spoon - he frequently does. He calls it Gorgonzola Schmutz - I can't say schmutz so I call it a schmear (schmearing sounds better than schmutzing to me).

I have to tell you how much of a fan Jim is of this. As he was getting ready to make this, he noticed that we were all out of olive oil. I said to try and sub canola oil for this and he started to get upset and said, "No, I'd rather use nothing!" I thought I was in for it as I forgot I had used up all the oil earlier in the day. All was well tho, my daughter - Heather, was coming to do her laundry so I called and asked her to bring some. A crisis was averted and Jim was happy, and so was I.

Orlando's Gorgonzola Schmear

Gorgonzola cheese (I buy this one), you can buy the block, but this is so convenient 
Granulated garlic (you can use real garlic, 1 small clove since it can be overpowering)  
White wine
Extra virgin olive oil

Put enough of each to form a thick, chunky paste (might need to microwave it to soften some) – taste and adjust ingredients. Great accompaniment to go with any kind of meat. Store leftovers in the frig, but if you’re a fan like Jim, there won’t be much leftover for long.

Happy Schmearing!!

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