Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seasonal Crafting

I think it's kind of funny, I seem to craft according to the season. In the warmer months I like to either dye fabric - I take full advantage of the sun for drying my pieces, or I make necklaces. The weather is starting to get cooler here and already I'm crafting hats for winter. Around this time, I seem to get the itch to crochet something, and whether it's scarves, hats, or flowers, I just have to get my hook moving. Last year, I finally found a hat pattern that was real easy to make. I made some changes to the pattern and made 3 different hats with the same pattern - pretty cool huh?

This one, I made first - it's mine. My winter jacket is a rust color with black trim, so I made a black hat with orangey, rust edging:

I made this one for Jim. He likes his hats thick with 2 layers and I made it longer so he could fold up the edges:

This is Heather's, in her fave color - she wanted it to fold up and she wanted a pom pom on top:

I made this matching scarf and hat the end of winter last year and didn't get a chance to do anything with them:

This one I made last year also - it's a sideways hat (crocheted sideways):

This past week I made 3 hats - the brown one with the spikey edging (my fave) is the one I finished last night:

I am planning to make a couple more hats - I have this funky squiggley yarn I bought years ago and I think I can make a hat with that. What will I do after that? Well, I'll probably start on scarves, what's a hat without a scarf?

Keep Warm!

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