Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paula Deen

**This was not meant to be mean, I'm just disappointed**

Everyone knows who Paula Deen is right? The Queen of butter and all foods fried. Well, just recently, she announced that she has Type 2 Diabetes and she's had it for 3 years and have kept quiet until now - now that a pharma company has made her the spokesperson for their company. There is a HUGE scuttlebutt online regarding this. People are saying that Paula should've used this 3 years ago, when she 1st found out, to turn things around - diet wise. Instead, she kept promoting butter and fried foods which we all know is not good for a healthy person, let alone a diabetic one, and she jumped on the pharma wagon. We all know that with the proper diet, diabetes can be turned around and possibility eliminated, but Paula took the easy way out.

I’m going to throw my hat in the ring too and say that I am disappointed in her. I was noticing in the past 3 years that even tho she was still cooking with butter and putting forkfuls of her Gooey Butter Cakes in her mouth, that she had adopted Rachael Ray’s mantra of “eating in moderation”.  In these past 3 years, she could’ve been a great role model and turned things around. She could’ve retired her butter crown, changed her TV show and showed us all a better way of eating healthier. Instead, she continued on her quest of being the butter queen. In fact, she has stated that she doesn't plan to change her cooking format on TV. She keeps pushing "eating in moderation", but doesn't being a type2 diabetic mean you have to change your way of eating, not just "eating in moderation" - a lot of what she's cooking, she shouldn't even be putting in her mouth, and  you always see her taste testing her food on TV. To me, this is a poor example of a role model. She keeps saying that she doesn't eat like that at home, but we don't see her home life, we just see her on TV - eating her high calorie dish that she just made. 

Her son, Bobby, recently started a new show on the Cooking Channel called, “Not My Mama’s Cookin’”. Here, he is taking all of Paula’s high fat, butter ladened dishes and making them lower in fat and healthier to eat. Just think if Paula did this to her show - she’d be a hero to many people, me included.

I used to love Paula and her simple way of cooking. I have taken many of her dishes and suited them to our way of eating - replacing the high fat with suitable ingredients. I loved watching her show and watching her family on TV (her hubby, Michael, is a sweetheart). She has disappointed me and probably a lot of you with her recent actions and I probably won’t be watching her shows anymore. For these past 3 years, she's lied to us about eating what she's been cooking. She kept us fooled by saying that she doesn't eat "this way" all the time. Paula should've been up front from the beginning, then there wouldn't be a lot of this negativity that people are feeling. Don’t get me wrong, she is still a nice person, but just I don’t agree with how she's handling this.

Here is something I found this morning online regarding Paula Deen - which stirred this post.

Anyways, enough of that.

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