Friday, March 2, 2012

White Cake with White Chocolate Whipped Ganache

My oldest daughter Dawn went to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. During her 4 years there, she found a job working at Budd Bay Cafe. Heather, Dawn's younger sister, Heather and I would go and visit her at least once during the summer months and I became friends with Dawn's boss, Gail Fuller. Budd Bay has a great menu mostly featuring seafood, as they are right on the water, and their food is wonderful. Their desserts are just as lovely, and one dessert they had back then was a White Cake topped with a White Chocolate Whipped Ganache - it was to die for. Really.

One year, after our visit, I believe it was Heather, who found in the Joy of Cooking, a white cake recipe and a recipe to make white chocolate whipped ganache. I made it and it was almost like the one we had at Budd Bay - I made it several times after that (this was years before I became gluten free) as it became a popular request.

"Regular" white cake with white whipped  choc ganache

Well, Heather's birthday is today and when I asked her last week what kind of cake she wanted, she said, "Remember that white cake with the white chocolate ganache on top? I'd like that." So all day, Wednesday, I baked - 2 cakes, a 13" x 9" regular white cake and a 9" round gluten free white cake for me. I also made the white chocolate whipped ganache, which is really easy to do. I was concerned tho when it looked like the ganache wasn't coming together using my stand mixer (it has been years since I made this), I kept moving the head of the mixer up and down to get air into the ganache. I ended up at the end mixing it by hand so I could get it to come together. It finally came together and I was able to frost both cakes.

Both Jim and Heather said that the regular cake tasted great and the gluten free one was slightly on the dry side, but had great flavor. We had chocolate ice cream to go with our white cake.

Gf white cake with  white choc whipped  ganache

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!

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ilovecooking said...

I hope your daughter enjoyed her day. This cake looks really nice. I've never tried making a white cake before because I didn't know if I would like the taste. The icing looks so pretty and reminds me of winter and snow. I love that it's white chocolate because it's my favourite. It would definitely make a great party cake. Thanks for the ideas!

Little Me said...

Thanks ilovecooking, my daughter had a wonderful day. Thank you for your kind words. White cake tastes like regular cake, you put pretty much the same ingredients in it. What makes the flavor is the vanilla, or in this case, it called for 1/4 tsp. of almond extract along with the vanilla so it has great flavor. I couldn't eat the big cake cuz I'm gluten free, but from what I remember, it is great. Especially with that white chocolate ganache on it - yum! Thanks again and have a great day!!