Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Make Coconut Carmel Sauce

Here is another awesome recipe you can make from a can of full fat coconut milk. In case you missed the previous coconut milk recipe, you can read it here.  This recipe is very simple to make and the taste is rich and not too sweet as I cut down the sugar amount - can't really tell that it's from coconut cream, it tastes like dulce de leche. Even tho the recipe says to cook at a low boil for 35-45 minutes, it goes by fast and seeing the cream turn a golden color is really cool. My recipe has been adapted from this one.

Like the other recipe, you chill a can of organic coconut milk to get the cream to separate from the water. You scoop out the cream and place it in a small sauce pan. Over medium high heat, add in the other ingredients while whisking and bring to a boil. You want to whisk every couple of minutes until it has reduced by half. Do not get distracted and walk away, there is a tendency for the cream to boil over and it could make a mess. Right about 30 minutes, the color should turn a nice caramely color and get real thick. Cool slightly and use immediately or transfer to an air tight storage container. The original recipe says it keeps for about 2 weeks, but I have never had mine last that long. The original recipe also calls for using two cans, but I only use one, two cans would be too much for me to make at one time.

Printable recipe

It turns from this . . .

to this!

The uses for this yummy sauce is endless. Pour it over ice cream, dip apples in it or you can make something like this:

I used this cookie recipe. I placed it in an 8 x 8 pan, spread the caramel over the cookie, let it cool slightly, then spread on a 1/2 cup of melted semi sweet chocolate chips over the top. I set in the frig to cool then cut it into squares. So yummy and when you bite into it, the chocolate and caramel coating is a little crisp.

So, not only can you cook with coconut milk, but you can bake with it and create lot's of delicious recipes. Give this recipe a try and let me know what you make with it.

What do you like to put caramel sauce on?

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