Monday, August 3, 2015

Herbal Salves

Last Friday, I sliced my finger while cutting a mushroom - I know, a mushroom? Well, if you know me, you know that I hate cuts on my fingers and I cut often. After getting the bleeding to stop, I put on a little bit of my comfrey salve and bandaided it. I had a bandaid, and salve, on till Sunday (changing it, of course) - and by Sunday, the physical cut was still there, but the sensitive pain was gone. I have gone without a bandaid and salve since. 

I make all kinds of salves, this comfrey one, lavender, and calendula. I also make blends.

My most popular is my Healing Salve = has comfrey, slippery elm, calendula, and turmeric. Great for cuts, minor skin irritations - can be used on private body parts.

I have a Baby's salve = has calendula and slippery elm - both safe for babies babies skin (cradle cap, diaper rash, etc.).  This is really good for eczema, rashes, itchy skin and those with sensitive skin.

I can turn any of my salves into lotions too.

The cost of my salves are = $9 for single herbs, and $11 for any of the blends. I use organic extra virgin olive oil for infusing.

I wrote about my salves last year and you can read more about them here. You can see some of my salves at my Etsy shop. If there is something you would like that is not in my shop, please message me - either through my Etsy shop or here and we will talk.

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