Monday, August 17, 2015

Water Bottle Holder with a Shorter Strap

This is my new water bottle holder design. The concept is not new - I've made these a lot! It's just the strap that's new. I've been making these for years now.

Here's an earlier design:

Here is a more modern design:

I even designed one with a pocket:

Here's one for a 1 liter bottle (currently for sale at my Etsy shop):

I digress - back to the new one. I designed this one to have shorter and articulated strap so you can drink with ease and not have the strap get in the way.

It's quilted on the inside (like the others), and there is Insul Brite in between the lining and the main fabric to keep your beverage cool.

Rounded bottom, 

and side seam:

I'm all about detail too. I first put the button on with green embroidery floss - didn't like it, too much green.

I ripped it out and attached it with pink embroidery floss - much better, and the knot shows.

Action shot!

I designed this new one because there are many times that I need my water bottle, but just carrying  it by the little hole in the cap wasn't cutting it, plus I don't always need the long straps. This one is compact and ready to go. I really love the articulated strap, it will make carrying water so much easier.

I have custom made these to customers request worldwide - yes, a couple of my holders are even in other countries!

Read more about keeping hydrated and about my water bottle holders. With summer still in full swing, I hope you all are keeping hydrated!  

Thanks for reading . . . and stay thirsty my friends!!

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Jill Shepherd said...

I love your water bottle carriers Faith. I like the idea of the shorter strap too - for different uses! Cute pocket too! They all look so professional.