Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keeping Hydrated during Summer

Summer’s here and in most parts of the country, it’s the hotter part of the year. School’s out, vacations or staycations are widespread during these next few months. It is very important to keep hydrated while doing any kind of outside activity. A person can get deyhydrated as soon as 30 minutes of being exposed to extreme heat. Illnesses from heat exposure can cause serious damage to our bodies. Those in the know say that we should start increasing our fluid intake about 2 hours before partaking in any kind of outside activity and continue taking in fluids as we go along.

Water bottle holder
By taking in fluids, that usually means water - not soda, juice or energy drinks, which have sugar and empty calories that don’t benefit our bodies. It isn’t always convenient to carry a water bottle wherever you go, so I have designed an over-the-shoulder water bottle holder, which leaves your hands free for participating in any activity.

I’ve even designed one that has a pocket on the outside for your keys, notebook and pen or whatever you need to keep handy.

It will hold a 500 ml. bottle as well as a 1.25 pt. bottle; it is lined w/Insul Brite which has been quilted to help keep your water cool. The fabric is cotton and should be handwashed. The strap is adjustable w/the longest measurement at approximately 60".

Approximate water bottle dimensions are:
Water bottle hold w/a whatever pocket
7 1/4" long for bag
2 3/4" wide
10 1/2" around

Approximate pocket dimensions are:
5” long
3” width
1” side pleat

This would be great for family trips where walking is necessary, this would also great for hiking or traveling.

For more pics and details of how to purchase one, click on My Etsy shop. I can also custom make these in any color you would like, just email me to discuss.

So this summer, always have water on hand to prevent dehydration and carry your water in style with my water bottle holder.
Stay cool!

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