Sunday, July 31, 2011

What to do with a Tough Piece of Meat

Have you ever cooked a steak or piece of meat that was too tough and it was hard to eat? We’ve all done it right? Well, my friends, don't throw it out or give it to the dog. Just chop it real small and fine, and cook it up with some eggs. By cutting it up real small, it's like you're breaking through all that toughness. You can throw in onions, shrooms, other veggies, cheese - anything you want and you have another meal. I’ve done this with tough meat that Jim won’t eat and it works. This works great as a base for fried rice too.

I’ve even used it as a base for soup. Saute leftover tough meat and add veggies of choice. Then open any Pacific brand soup in a carton and pour over meat mixture - instant soup.

So, next time you over cook your steak, just chop it up real fine and add it to other ingredients for a great meal.

Happy cooking!

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