Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cutting My Own Hair Again!

This morning I cut my hair again. This time I didn't want a straight cut at the ends - I really don't like straight cuts, I like them curved. Last year when I was researching how to cut my own hair on You Tube, I came across videos women were using with this tool. It was really cool, but I couldn't see myself paying that much for something I could make myself. Mine doesn't have the teeth inside for grabbing your hair, but it held enough for me to cut my hair, and it came out just the way I wanted it.

If you look at the pics in my first hair cutting post, you will see that the ends of my hair is pretty much straight. I did have a cool video link to how I cut my hair like that, but sadly, the video was removed.

Anyways, back to making this cool tool that I didn't want to buy - here is the one I made yesterday, it was so easy.

Here is how I made it:

I took a large piece of paper and something circular that I wanted the shape of the ends of my hair to be - I believe I used a large bowl (I drew the design months ago and set it aside, it might have been a large plate). I drew it about 1" wide and cut out the pattern. I then took thick foam core and taped the pattern to the foam.

I used an exacto knife with a straight, flat blade.

I held the knife straight, and cut down. If I use the regular angular blade, I have a tendency to cut in, which creates an uneven cut.

I went back to the angular blade and cut in between the cuts made with the straight blade - if you overlap your cuts, you can avoid this (I tried, but still had some areas attached).

Ready for the other side to be cut.


Now, repeat this process to cut another one that's identical.

I used a hole punch and simple office supply brads (shown above) to secure the two together.

Ta Da!!

It didn't feel like it could hold my hair, foam core is not rigid, so I ended up punching another hole in the center for hold.

I did buy a level that's used for RV's and thought maybe I could attach this somehow. That CreaClip has a level on it so you can get a straight cut and your hair won't be crooked, but I don't know if I really need it.

What do you think?

So am I crazy for cutting my own hair? I would love to know you're opinion? The tool is too wide for my hair - I have thinned out over the years, so I will shorten it for next time, which will probably make it hold better. My husband, Jim btw, said it wouldn't work because it needed to have a rigid backing. I will show him my hair this evening and see what he thinks. I bet he'll be impressed.

Thanks for reading!

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