Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Cut it Again!

My oldest daughter, Dawn recently came home for a visit. I was amazed at how long her hair had gotten so, we took a hair comparison photo.
Dawn is at your left, Heather is in the center and me on the right.

After seeing this pic, I had realized that my hair cutting with the gadget I had made didn't look so good. I really didn't like how it layered at the ends - the bottom was really thin.

I cut my hair by turning my head upside down with the gadget, which creates natural layers, and didn't like how it turned out. I had cut my hair before and it turned out great. After seeing the above pic, I decided that I didn't want layers anymore, just wanted a straight cut. To do that, I needed an extra hand. Last night, kind of on a whim, my daughter Heather was here doing laundry and I asked if she could help me cut my hair. 

 See how thin it is at the bottom?

I've been wanting to go back to just a straight cut for a while, but I needed another person to help me. My husband is left handed, and I didn't think he could manipulate the scissors enough to cut evenly. Since Heather was over, I seized the moment. I asked if she wouldn't mind helping me, and take pictures at the same time so I could write about.

So I wet my hair, and we went at it. We put my hair in the gadget, and Heather began cutting.

I held on to the form and she began cutting about 1/2" longer than the form. She was cutting it longer so she could go back and cut it perpendicular,  like how a hair dresser does - her choice, smart girl!

All cut!

Done! I just had to clean it up on the sides, but that's pretty much it.

After washing and flat ironing it this morning.

How I look from the front (my head tilts to my left naturally, which is why it looks longer on that side).
 I went to see my friend Tracey today and she was totally impressed, especially when I told her that Heather cut it.

What do you think? Am I crazy for cutting my own hair?

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Doris Rice said...

Did you invent the tool? Mass market it! Many people cut their own hair!

Faith said...

No Doris, I did not invent this. I copied this product = http://www.amazon.com/CreaClip-C-01/dp/B004NMR6TY. I was going to buy it, but I figure that it was easy enough to make - I don't have a level on mine, but eyeballing it was just fine. Thanks.