Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jo-Ann Fabrics Coupons

Jo-Ann Fabrics is a fabric/craft store that's in 47 states in the U.S (tho, I did see a couple of links to stores in Toronto and Ontario, Canada - maybe our Canadian friends can verify). The racks are always loaded with merchandise and they are always having sales - themed sales, instore sales, and they offer numerous coupons to use on purchases. You can sign up at the store (at the register) to receive their mail flyer that tells you of storewide items for sale and will have coupons you can use. There really is no reason to buy anything at regular price at Jo-Ann's when coupons and sales are always available. Usually when you walk in the door of any store, there will be a bunch of instore flyers that advertise current sales and will always have at least 1 or 2 coupons. If you sign up online at Jo-Anns, there are even more items that are available for sale, some that are not in the stores - I've gotten some really great bargains on my craft supplies buying them online (shipping is pretty reasonable). As an online registered customer, you will get weekly emails notifying you of sales and will alway include a coupon.

Most recently, I received a coupon for 20% off my ENTIRE purchase (I've received several of those recently), which includes purchase of sale items. I used it yesterday to buy fabrics, plus I bought the new Quilting Arts Gift magazine which sells for $14.99. The magazines at Jo-Ann's were 10% off regular price and with the 20% off coupon, the magazine cost me $10.49 - not too bad. Update: Jo-anns sadly discontinued the discount for magazines - you have to pay full price for them.

I found out recently that as long as you use coupons from different flyers, there's no limit to how many coupons you can use. Yesterday I used my 20% off (entire purchase) coupon from online, plus my 40% off (1 regular priced item) coupon from my mail flyer, AND a 40% off instore coupon (1 regular priced item) - and from a purchase of $63, I saved $22.44. I think I made good use of all my coupons.

So, if you live near a Jo-Ann's, take advantage of their coupons, whether online or instore and start saving money so you can buy more supplies.

If you don't have a Jo-Anns near buy, see if your local fabric store has coupons and take advantage of that.

 Part of the Email coupon I got - there is a bottom section which
will have your name and a bar code.

Happy shopping!!

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