Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fried Hot Dog with Bacon Dinner

Yesterday I watched The Chew and saw Michael Symon make this recipe and I remembered that years ago, I used to make this exact recipe - except that I used to bake my bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed hot dog - my husband and girls loved it. I have since started eating better, plus I'm gluten free, so inspired by Michael's recipe, I decided to make a healthier version.

I took four nitrate free(nf) hot dogs, cut them in half lengthwise and put them cut side down in my pan to sear them up like Daphne Oz did in her recipe. I didn't get mine totally crispy, but after they had nice color on them, I removed them to my cutting board so I could saute three slices of chopped nf bacon, onions, and crimini mushrooms. I then cut up the hot dogs into four pieces each and added them back to the pan with the rest of the ingredients. I thought of adding a splash of white wine and some dijon mustard, but decided to keep it simple and just added some freshly ground pepper - didn't need salt because the hot dog and bacon already has salt. I also sauteed some kale and swiss chard to serve along side and made some quinoa, I included some red pickled peppers that I picked up from the olive bar.

This was a really yummy and simple dinner - took me back to the days of eating bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed hot dogs when my two daughters were younger. So next time you want some bacon with hot dogs, try my recipe and I'm sure you agree that's it's very yummy!

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