Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Get Your Kitchen Sink to Sparkle

I cleaned my sink yesterday and it was pretty gross, I have a double sink - disposal on one side and a regular side. The drain on the regular side was either not installed properly or is the wrong side - there is a small gap between the sink drain fitting and the sink so a lot of food debris gets caught and if it's not scrubbed, it can get pretty nasty (and smelly!). I had a cut piece of lemon that I used for a recipe and it was sitting in the sink, waiting to be disposed of. Now every time I put large pieces of lemon of any citrus fruit in my disposal, it just tends to roll around with the blades of the disposal doing this dance and it doesn't really break it up like it's supposed to. Don't know if the fruit is too thick or the blades are dull - the disposal really isn't that old.

As I'm starting to clean the sink with little bit of Comet powder cleanser, a toothbrush and a scrubber sponge, I kept looking at that lemon, I was thinking of how nice lemon smells and how lemon is used in a lot of cleaning applications. I instinctively picked up the lemon and started scrubbing the sink with it. I used the edge of the lemon to get under that awful gap between the drain and the sink, and it was doing a pretty good job - I ditched the toothbrush and sponge and just used the lemon. I scrubbed the floor of the sink, the walls, even inside the drain well - and it all smelled so lemony. The oil from the lemon was making the sink shiny and the waste water was turning yellow from the lemon so I knew the lemon was doing its thing (if things are really bad in your sink, you could also sprinkle some salt and use that as an abrasive).

I have a wire trap the sits on top of the drain to prevent large food particles or utensils from going down the drain and that can get pretty nasty too, so I took the lemon and started scrubbing it.

By the time I was done, the lemon was completely spent - it had given me all it had, but, I had one more task for this lemon. The insides were totally loose so I removed it and tore the peel into small pieces and threw them down the disposal and turn on the disposal so that whatever was left of the lemon could deodorize the inside of the disposal.

See, nice and sparkly!!

So, next time you have a cut piece of lemon, or any citrus, don't throw it out - try my new idea and watch your kitchen sink shine!

Happy Scrubbing!!!!

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