Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coupon Holder

Would also make a cute coin purse

I love coupons, but most times I cut them out and forget them on the dining table. I will go shopping andrealize I forgot them at home. I have the best of intentions, but I forget. Or, I'll put them in my bag and they will get torn or ripped (like the larger one in the pic) before I can use them. I have been known not to buy an item (unless I really need it) because I know I have a coupon at home (kinda silly, but that's me).

I decided to make a coupon holder, most of the ones you see are really big, this one is about 4" x 3" - not too big to slip into my bag and I won't be tearing up any coupons. It's just a basic zippered pouch that's very simple to make. I made this with a solid fabric and added some machine stitching for added interest. These are simple and cute, and would make great coin purses as well.

Comments are appreciated. It helps me to know whether I’m on the right blogging track or not.

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